Please note that Summer School participants are responsible for finding and reserving their own accommodation. You may consider the many options available in Belgrade such as hostels, airbnb, and hotels.

We are able to reserve Comfort Rooms for participants who are interested in discounted group rates reservation in Hotel Kasina with breakfast included in the price. If you opt for the reservation, please note that we may only reserve rooms and beds for the duration of the Summer School (June 28 - July 5). Also, please note that we are not responsible for making hotel payments on your behalf nor do we cover any additional costs/payments or extended stays in Hotel Kasina.

Here are the options and prices for Hotel Kasina:

  • Single room at the price of 37.5 Euros per night;
  • A bed in a double shared room at the price of 27.5 Euros per person/per night.

If you are interested to reserve a room in Hotel Kasina, please indicate it in your Summer School application form.



  • Karadjordjeva 65
    11000 Belgrade, Serbia


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