Study Seminar: 11-18 January 2014

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Comparative Memory Activism in Israel and Serbia: Practices and Challenges

Seminar Description

In January 2014 the Center for Comparative Conflict Studies (CFCCS) organized a study seminar to Israel and Palestine for practitioners, scholars and activists from Serbia engaged in memory work and dealing with the past projects.

The seminar explored concepts of collective memory and memory work in societies in and after conflict. It offered a comparative analysis of memory activism and mnemonic battles in both Serbia and Israel by focusing on memory work in Israel as related to themes such as: hegemonic memories/counter memories, the memories of 1948, the memories of 1967, the memory of the Jewish holocaust in Israel and others.

Seminar Program

Prior to the seminar, the group met twice in Belgrade, received information as well as introductory background session, reading materials and documentary films.

The 7 days study seminar focused on memory struggles within the context of a society in conflict and allowed participants to engage with questions of memory battles in Israel and reflect back to their work and mnemonic battles currently taking place in Serbia. In particular, the program focused on the struggle of activists in both societies to address issues that otherwise are silences or denied. Additionally, it included facilitated group discussions, allowing participants to take part in on-going reflection and connection to their work in Serbia.

Click here to download the program of the seminar.

Seminar Participants

Following a call for application, 10 participants were selected to part take in the seminar.

Seminar Design and Planning

Dr. Orli Fridman - seminar coordination, planning and delivery

Eitan Bronstein Aparicio - local coordination in Israel, planning and delivery

Documentation in practice as Memory Activism

On this blog the participants of the study seminar in Israel shared their experiences, reflections, thoughts and photos - compiled here to serve as both documentation of the seminar as well as new memory knowledge material.

Click here to read the blog entries by participants.

Memory Activism in Serbia - Participants Presentations

During the study seminar some of the participants had the opportunity to present their work in Serbia to Israeli audience. Click here for more information about the event "Memory Activism in Serbia".



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