Srđan Atanasovski (1983, Kumanovo, Macedonia) graduated on the Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in 2009; since same year he is a PhD student of musicology at the same institution and in 2014 he submitted his dissertation entitled “Music Practices and Production of the National Territory“. Atanasovski was awarded by the National Office of the President of the Republic for academic achievement and social engagement in 2009. year, as well as with scholarship of the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation and scholarship of Coimbra Group and the University of Graz, both in the academic year 2010/11. He participated in international conferences in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Italy, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey, and he was a member of the program committee of three international symposia. He has published his papers in journals Musicologica Austriaca, Musicology, Musicological Annual and TheMA. From 2011 he works at the Institute of Musicology SASA in Belgrade as a research assistant. In 2014 he started working on two international scientific projects: City Sonic Ecology: Urban Soundscapes of Bern, Ljubljana, and Belgrade (led by the University of Bern) and Figuring Out the Enemy: Re-Imagining Serbian-Albanian Relations (led by the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory in Belgrade). His research interests include affect theory, soundscape studies and issues of religious nationalism.