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maxine david

Dr Maxine David is Lecturer in the Institute for History, Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University and Research Fellow at the Global Europe Centre, University of Canterbury, Kent. She is a Foreign Policy analyst, specialising in Russian and EU foreign policy.

Published works include Routledge’s May 2013 edited collection, National Perspectives on Russia: European Foreign Policy in the Making?; the January 2015 Special Issue "Modernisation in EU-Russian Relations”, in European Politics and Society, for which Maxine was co-editor and single author of an article "New Social Media: Modernisation and Democratisation in Russia”. Open access online publications include “Learning from Crisis: The Challenge for the Euro-Atlantic States” in The Riga Conference Papers 2015: Towards Reassurance and Solidarity in the Euro-Atlantic Community (2015) and various articles for The Conversation, to which Maxine is a regular contributor. She is currently working on a monograph to be published with Palgrave: The Triumph of Agency in Russia’s Foreign Policy. Rethinking the Power of Western Structures.

Maxine has an extensive, wide-ranging teaching portfolio and is currently teaching courses on EU-Russia Relations, the European Neighbourhood Policy and EU Today. She is a member of Pearson’s external stakeholder groups (ESAGs), advising on proposed reform to the UK’s A level for Politics. She adopts an experiential approach to learning. Thus, her students are always encouraged to understand the necessity of active involvement in, and a reflective approach to, learning, which stimulates critical thought and conceptualisations.



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