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normamusihNorma Musih is a PhD Candidate in the department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University. In her research, she traces th link between imagination and images in order to reclaim a citizenship that diverges from the one dictated by the state through a close analysis of photographs and activists projects in Palestine-Israel. Musih’s work draws from her curatorial work and her activist engagement as co-founder and former director of Zochrot.

Zochrot (Remembering in Hebrew) is a Tel Aviv based NGO, established in 2002, that seeks to raise public awareness of the Palestinian Nakba, particularly among Jews in Israel, who bear a special responsibility to remember and amend the legacy of 1948.

Musih holds a B.F.A from Bezalel Academy of Arts and an M.A form the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her thesis: “Angels in the Skies of Manshiye: On Three Practices of Ruination: Visual Genealogy,” is currently under preparation to be published by Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem.



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