2020 International Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies

In spite of the current COVID-19 crisis, we have sucessfully completed the 2020 CFCCS Summer School with almost 60 participants from 25 countries around the world, who have attened one of the 5 courses that we were offering this year!

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WORKSHOP: Digital Memory Practices in and after Conflict, September 20-21, 2019

10th anniversary cfccs

We are pleased to announce a call for written contributions and an invitation to a two-day workshop at the Belgrade-based Center for Comparative Conflict Studies (CFCCS), at the Faculty of Media and Communications (FMK).
The connective turn in memory studies suggests that contemporary media radically transform the ways in which groups and individuals engage with and experience the past that they consider important, or which is at the heart of on-going contestations.


2016 Summer School

The ‘Non-aligning’ connection - A stroll down the memory lane / Shiva Sai Ram Urella

On the second day of my arrival here, my classmate and I walked down the Knez Mihailova Street, scavenging around for souvenirs. We stumbled upon a small shop in the middle of the street. I gazed curiously at a 50000...

2016 Summer School

The Power of Rakija: Multiculturalism in Post- Yugoslav States / Yosra El Gendi

Rakija, a locally branded alcoholic drink, made from fruits, captures the spirit of the Balkans. The consumption of Rakija preceded, and later defied all borders that have been created around the states that emerged with the disintegration of what was...

2016 Summer School

Why we need memory studies in relation to conflicts / Vladimir Mihajlović

This topic has always deeply intrigued me. I would always look back at my school days and remember the way my generation was being taught about certain important historical figures or events. As I was growing up I came to...

2016 Summer School

We are all Others / Antonela Ramljak

  Walking towards the Faculty of Media and Communications, for our last day of the Summer School course, I was passing through a park where refugees who come to Belgrade usually spend their afternoons. I heard a child ask his mother...

2016 Summer School

The Whole Story / Lejla Gacanica

Different aspects of understanding what constitutes ‘us’ and what constitutes ‘them’, whether we are always on opposite sides gave an insight into the various forms of 'othering'. Cultural othering, gender othering, minority othering, etc. Are there always sides? Do Others...

2016 Summer School

The “Other” from Afghanistan: Building Bridges Over Lunch Break / Sarah Freeman-Woolpert

I had just begun Dr. Jelena Tosic’s class, Orientalism, Balkanism, Occidentalism: Thinking Through Discourses of ‘Othering’ and Conflict, and already, on my first day in Belgrade, I found myself confronted with a real-life form of othering—the emotional distance I have...



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