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We are now receiving applications to for the 7th International Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies at the Faculty of Media and Communications (FMK) from June 27 to July 4, 2016.
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Interview with Amira Hass, Haaretz Correspondent

AmiraHassInterview Amira Hass who was our keynote lecturer in the 2015 Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies talks about Non-objective journalism, impressions from her visit to Belgrade and gives tips to students interested in studying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Watch the Keynote lecture "Palestine and Israel: Fragmentation under the Guise of a Peace Process" June 30, 2015


2015 Summer School

International intervention: Where are we? / Irina Jolevska

I attended the course The Challenge of International Intervention: Balancing Justice and Order. The lectures made me think and look at things from another perspective. I am studying international law, so I was always looking at these interventions from a...

2015 Summer School

An Australian - Croatian comes to Belgrade / Suzana Jačmenović

Many answers from classmates were of commemorative events that reflect personal politics which counters hegemonic dialogue, such as universal humanitarian events or honouring minority voices and injustices that are not officially recognised by governments. These examples demonstrate that there is...

2015 Summer School

Beyond Geographical Borders… / Salaam Bannoura

Why, several decades later, there is still no ending to all the killing, shooting, destruction, land confiscation, cruelty, injustice, persecution, daily humiliation and bloodshed? Why… why… why… The older I grew, the more questions I had. Yet, a more complicated dilemma...

2015 Summer School

Walls of our lives / Stevan Tatalović

In 2009, on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, Ivan Čolović (a renewed Anthropologist from Serbia) edited a book of articles “Zid je mrtav, živeli zidovi!” (The Wall is Dead, Long Live the Walls!). Six years...

2015 Summer School

We Need More Inclusive Memory Communities! / Srdjan Hercigonja

Although I personally never had a problem with my apartness from the newly constructed Serbian official political calendar, I felt a bit uncomfortable. As my colleagues were writing down and sharing their dates, my fear was that my choice would...



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